Mango Pudding

Or as we call it “Postre de Mango”.

My mom and I found on our condensed La Lechera wrap paper a recipe called “Postre de mango” My mom had bought mangos on the market the other day and we decided we should make it!
I love mango, it’s just a sweet fruit itself!
I love it with some “Tajin” a popular Mexican chili powder, It gives the mango a really good flavor too.

But talking about this Postre de Mango is really easy to make and it’s better served cold. I’ve read about some Mango Puddings out there, but this is not as complicated as them and it has the texture of a normal pudding.
I also wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow im getting some teeth extractions done.
Why? Because im going to get Braces, and I don’t have a lot of space in my mouth for my big teeth, I’m really nervous and anxious!
I mean I shouldnt be nervous all of my 7 cousins from my dad’s family have gotten them, even 2 of my sisters have gotten them, the only ones left are my other sister and myself.
I knew this day was coming since I was 10, I knew I was going to need braces and extractions, then why am I this nervous? I think is just normal for a person to be this anxious I mean, getting some teeth removed it’s a big deal!
The thing that hurts me the most is that im not going to be able to eat anything but soup or yogurt 😦
So this mango pudding is a good choice to have if I need some sugary stuff!

I encourage you to try it 🙂

4 Mangos
1 14oz Sweet Condensed Milk

Slice the 4 mangos.
I found a great “How to slice a mango” Post on this blog: VeganYumYum You should totally check it out!

Put them in a blender with the condensed milk.

Blend until smooth

Now place them on individual plates.
I love this kind of plates they are so useful!

Refrigerate until served.

Source: Nestlé La Lechera Recipes


About Maggie Cooks

I'm a 16 now 19 year old girl, who loves to cook ... mostly bake, check my blog and don't forget to leave a comment. Thank you :)

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  1. Good luck with the braces! I love mango – the recipe looks nice and smooth while you recover.

  2. Good luck with your braces, Maggie! I’m sure everything will go super smoothly. And just remember, it’s an excuse to eat more ICE CREAM!

  3. Wow, yummy and easy! Perfect. Don’t worry about your braces. When I was 10 I had to have teeth removed and I wore braces for 4 years! UGH! The pains of being beautiful 😉 Or that was what my mom always told me, LOL. By the way, I’m buzzing you for the yummy goodness of your recipe. I love mango and I only discovered the yumminess of it this year.

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      You are so nice!
      Yes my Mom and sisters tell me that too haha I guess they are trying to make me feel better.
      Hopefully everything will turn out good tomorrow! 🙂
      I just followed you on twitter!

  4. Maggie you are doing such a good job with your blog! I wish I started blogging when I was your age. Been making so many things over the years I lost track and recipes. Your mango pudding is perfect for a sunny summer day! Happy cooking/baking/eating!!

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