Creamy Rice

Or as we call it here: Arroz con crema

This Creamy rice, It’s so delicious and it has layers of flavor!
I think that’s what makes it so good, You can have all this flavors in one plate, I personally love the crunchy corn seeds or (kernels).

If you havent tried it I really encourage you to, you’ll love it!

I wanted to say Happy 4th of July to all of you American People! yay 🙂
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Back to this Creamy Rice, It takes a little bit of time but it is so worth it 🙂

2 cups Rice
4 cups Water
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/4 of onion and 1 garlic (for flavor)

2 to 2 1/2 cups of Cream (I use Media Crema) you can use sour cream.
1/4 Cup chihuahua cheese (If you can’t find it you can use grated cheddar cheese)
3 Poblano Peppers(I used frozen poblano peppers)
1 Can Corn seeds
1/2 stick of butter

Bring water to boil and add oil, garlic and onion.

add the rice and bring back to a boil. Lower the heat to very low, cover the
rice and cook for 25 to 30 minutes.
When the rice is ready Grab a clean Saucepan and place 3 tablespoons of butter,add a layer of rice, corn seeds, poblano pepper, cream and cheese, Repeat the process until you use all ingredients.

Cover the Saucepan for 20-30 minutes until cheese is melted.

And then you are ready to serve 🙂


Source: My Mom

About Maggie Cooks

I'm a 16 now 19 year old girl, who loves to cook ... mostly bake, check my blog and don't forget to leave a comment. Thank you :)

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  1. Maggie that rice looks really delicious! I do love cheese and that poblano adds just the right amount of zing to the dish!

  2. Maggie – the new page looks great! My husband would go crazy for corn in the creamy rice! Nicely done!

  3. Mmm this looks soo delicious!!

  4. Cheese, corn, garlic… yes, please!! I’ll have a plate right now. 🙂 Sounds delicious!

  5. Oh wow, this dish looks AMAZING, Maggie!

    Thanks for sharing – I can’t wait to give your rice con crema a try!!

  6. Hey Maggie! Thanks for stopping by the Shiksa blog. One of my best friends was born in Mexico, I absolutely love going to her house for dinner– she makes the yummiest tostadas and rice! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! xo

  7. This rice looks so good… it reminds me of a risotto!

  8. This looks so good and full of flavor. It looks like a simple dish to throw together too.

  9. The creamy corn looks yummy. I bookmarked this to make later.

  10. This looks great! Will be making this soon.

  11. Who doesnt love a forkful of creamy rice! This brings me back to childhood family dinners 😀

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