Zucchini Soup

In just one blink of an eye we are almost on december that means were almost on christmas!
I mean just days ago I was celebrating my baby nephews birthday in august, But those summer days are more than over and im enjoying this weather like no one.
We have been making so many plans, because my sister bought my mom a new oven, and were going to make some remodeling around the kitchen which always excites me.
I can’t wait to have my Kitchenaid Mixer for christmas to make so many stuff! I’ve been bookmarking recipes since I was told I was going to get that for christmas.

I havent posted a full recipe on the blog since almost a month ago, I wasn’t going to post this but I found this recipe super easy to make and everyone loves it When my mom makes it, everyone wants more than one bowl of it.
If you are a zucchini fan you should def try this! I hope you like it! 🙂

6 zucchini
2 Tablespoons Butter
90g Cream Cheese
1/4 Teaspoon Curry
1/2 Tablespoon Sugar

Cut Zucchini into pieces and cook it with water until soft.
On a saucepan place the 2 tablespoons of butter and let it melt on a medium-low heat.
when the zucchinis are soft place them on a blender with some of the water that you cooked them with and add the cream cheese and blend.

when everything is blended, Add the mixture to the Saucepan and start adding the pepper, curry and sugar.

Let it boil and your ready to serve!

Add some croutons if desired.

Source: My Mom

About Maggie Cooks

I'm a 16 now 19 year old girl, who loves to cook ... mostly bake, check my blog and don't forget to leave a comment. Thank you :)

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  1. Easy and tasty… love it.

  2. Your soup looks great, Maggie! How exciting about your mixer! You will love it! Mine is my favorite thing in my kitchen!

  3. The soup looks amazing and congratulations on your mixer for Christmas! When I got mine I hugged it and jumped up and down a lot!

  4. Yum – so healthy! I quite like the crouton garnish on top of the soft green of the soup. Simple, healthy, delicious, and beautiful!

  5. This looks so wonderful! What an interesting and healthy soup

  6. what a tasty soup Maggie! I can’t wait to see what you make when you get your kitchen aid mixer!

  7. Yes I am a zucchini fan and would definetely add croutons on mine.

  8. A beautiful and perfectly seasonal soup 🙂 Love this!

  9. Wow, Maggie! So many things to be excited about!! Your upcoming vacation, your new KitchenAid Mixer, and earning a spot in Top 9 on Foodbuzz today – you are doing SUCH a good job!!

    Keep up the fantastic work… your soup looks AMAZING!!

    Muchas felicidades!! Meagan

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