About Me


I’m Maggie the girl behind “Maggie Cooks” I’m a 16 now 19 year-old Mexican girl.


I am just a normal teenager but with a big love for food. I have to thank my Mom for that, She is always teaching me something new.
I made this blog so I could share my recipes to my family and friends and I never thought I would love blogging as much as I do now.

I find it a great way to exchange recipes with so many people all around the world.

I am starting my journey and I am so grateful to be writing about it, I’m always inspired by other teenagers who started or are starting blogging at this young age. I feel that us as new generations we have a lot to offer to this amazing food community!

I love to cook but baking captures my heart.

“Come take a look and learn with me!”

If you want to know more about me go to my Contact page and drop a line! 🙂

  1. Hello Maggie..
    thank you so much for stopping by my blog..
    I love your blog and you reminded me of myself watching cooking shows 🙂

  2. E’ un piacere conoscere il tuo blog, e se vuoi conoscere il mio sarò contenta.
    Un bacio

  3. I always get excited when I see cooks and bakers my age. It shows that our generation still wants to learn how to make homemade things! Love your blog.

  4. Good for you, Maggie. Way to go! Thanks for dropping by my blog today and leaving a message on the roll recipe. Email me if you have any questions about the recipe.

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