Recipe Index

  • Drinks:

Papaya Smoothie

  • Breakfast:

Papaya Smoothie

  • Appetizers & Snacks:

Tuna Croquettes & Dip

Cambray Potatoes

Celery Bread


Poblano Strips/Rajas poblanas

Queso Con Morron

  • Soups:

Sopa de Albondigas

Zucchini Soup


  • Main Dish:

Cold Pasta Salad


Chicken enchiladas

Pastel Azteca or Azteca Cake

Tuna Salad

Creamy Rice

Chiles Rellenos With Cheese Sticks

Pasta with chile verde


Tuna Croquettes & Dip

Poblano Strips/Rajas poblanas

Pastel de Carne

Stuffed Zucchini

  • Dessert:


Mexican Wedding Cookies

Empanadas Dulces (Hand Pies)

Cookies And Cream Bark

Rice Pudding

Outrageous Triple Chocolate Brownies

Mango Pudding “Postre de mango”

Apple Cake

No Bake Cold Cake

Neapolitan 3-Layer Cake

Cinammon “Bizcochos” Cookies

Cookies & Cream Cake

Chocolate Rice Pudding

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