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Red and Easy Spaghetti


Holaaaaaa, I’m back with a recipe for the easiest red spaghetti 🙂

Today I would like to share with you guys this recipe that I remember my mom making for me all the time,for lunch mostly, but I would have it as dinner as well watching t.v. at night, and for me when I was little this was the best spaghetti ever!!! (Even now that I’m older I still love to sneak at night to watch t.v. with a big bowl of this haha).

Now my 3-year-old nephew loves it just as I did, and always asks my mom or his mommy to make him more 🙂

So of course I had to share this recipe with you guys! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


1 pkg dry spaghetti uncooked

Tomato puree (I used 3 little packages of 210 grams each)

1 Garlic clove



1 teaspoon of Oregano

1 teaspoon of chicken soup powder



First cook spaghetti as directed on the package.


Beat tomato sauce, butter, garlic, pepper, chicken soup powder and oregano, in a medium saucepan with whisk until well blended while spaghetti is cooking.

Cook over medium heat 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to low; simmer 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Drain the spaghetti, place in a serving platter and add the tomato sauce all over and your done!!!


Yummy!!!! 😀

Source: My Mom.


Machaca Burritos


Hello guys!
I can’t believe it’s already October.. talk about how time flies.
I turned 19 this past september. Which it’s kind of surreal, when someone asks me how old I am I always rethink my answer
I always want to say that i’m 17 I think i’m stuck in that age, but oh well haha.
Today I want to introduce to you this amazing “Burritos de Machaca” dish, okay, so I know you might be wondering:
¿What’s machaca?
Machaca is a dish prepared originally most commonly from dried, spiced beef or pork, then rehydrated and pounded to make it tender. The reconstituted meat would then be used to prepare any number of dishes.”

I remember when I was little and we used to go on roadtrips my Mom would prepare this Burritos which had machaca and potatoes and they were so good. Until this day I still love them and find them comforting.
Where I live they sell this meat everywhere but I know that in some parts of Mexico you can’t find it, I have some family that don’t live here and when they come they always take some with them. It’s one of those dishes you grow up with.
I didn’t know if I should blog about this cause I know some of you may not find this exact meat but If you can’t find anything like this where you live you can use regular meat. Burritos are amazing and easy to make, I just love them 🙂
So here is the recipe:
Flour tortillas
1/4 kilo machaca (meat)
2 large potatoes (cutted in cubes)
1/4 of an Onion
1 Tomato
1 Serrano chile (this depends how spicy you’d like it)
250 grams of tomatoe puree (or a little bit more)

Cut the potatoes in little cubes and fry them with a little bit of pepper, add the onion,tomato, serrano chile and half of the tomato puree, then add the machaca and add the other half of the tomato puree so it’s juicy.
Grab a tortilla and add a little bit of the mixture and fold them like this:


Then in a “Comal” place the burritos and let the tortilla toast a little bit on each side and then serve 🙂


Note: As you can see we didn’t use any additional salt cause this type of meat it’s salty enough.


This is how the Machaca meat looks:


I know it looks so weird but I can assure you it is delicious! 🙂

I also wanted to let you guys know i’m on twitter: so if you guys haven’t followed me you I’d love if you did I really enjoy interacting with you 🙂
I hope you guys have a wonderful week!

– Maggie.

No-bake cheesecake

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted for months! I have lots of stuff to talk about with you, but first of all this blog turns two years old today, I can’t believe it’s been two years that I started this blog, my life has changed so much since then, I was homeschooling two years ago and now im going to a regular school which is awesome cause I have new friends and great teachers I love my school, and next year im going to college yay!!!
This past year I turned 18 years old, and here in mexico that means your called an “adult” so I got a job and well I don’t have as many free time as I used to, that’s why I have left this blog very lonely with my job and school its has been getting pretty complicated, but the nice thing is that im going on summer vacations next month so I hope I can do more posting on here 🙂

I wanted to come back with a super easy but delicious recipe that I’ve been making for a long time ago, I think it was one of the first things my mom would let me do by myself soooooo here it is No bake cheesecake!

1 pie crust ( you can make this by mixing some Maria cookies with melted butter )
1 cream cheese (190 grams)
1 condensed milk
3 lemon juice
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Optional: An envelope of gelatin (only if you want the cheesecake a little stiffer.


I bought the pie crust (I know I cheated) but I really wanted to make a very easy dessert 😛

To make the filling: Grab a blender and blend the cream cheese, the lemon juice, the vanilla, and the condensed milk and mix. (If your going to use the gelatin, there are some envelopes with the gelatin powder, mix it with 2 teaspoons of water and then use another 2 teaspoons of really hot water to melt it and throw it in the blender and mix with everything else)

Condensed milk is sooo good don’t feel guilty if you want to lick the can after you pour it all in the blender 😛

Now that is all blended in we’re going to pour the filling mixture into the pie crust.

We’ll even it a little bit so we can put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, I usually make this cheesecake pie at nights so that in the morning they are ready to decorate and of course eat ;).

I decided to decorate it with this:

and that’s about it, we decorate it with some fruit or you can eat it just like that it tastes so good, and I can assure you that everyone is going to want more than one piece of it! 🙂

I hope you guys try this and if you do don’t forget to tell me how it goes! 😀

I also wanted to thank you guys for being my little friends in this journey of blogging, I really enjoy sharing this recipes but I love that people actually email me with questions about the recipes or just comment on my posts, so thank you! 😀

See you guys soon!


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